Our *Introductory* Pricing  (Payment Form)

Our standard introductory hourly rate is $150 per hour of full pressure chamber time.  It generally takes 7 minutes to pressurize and 5 minutes to de-pressure the chamber so plan on an hour and fifteen minute window for your appointment.  Please be on time, otherwise your pressured time in the chamber will need to be reduced.</a>

<span style=”>Package pricing is available in 10, 20, 30 & 40 hour blocks with pricing ranging from $150 per hour for 20 hours to as low as $130 per hour for 40+ hours.  Most practitioners recommend an initial 30-40 hour block of sessions for most conditions.

Our Pricing:

ATXHyperbarics chamber rates for a full hour of pressurized time are as follows. Rates vary as to

pressure, oxygen % and hours purchased. I would like to purchase the following checked package:

1 hour 1.5 ATA $150.00

1 hour 1.75 ATA $170.00

20 hour package 1.5 ATA $150.00 per hour $3,000.00

20 hour package 1.75 ATA $170.00 per hour $3,400.00

30 hour package 1.5 ATA $140.00 per hour $4,200.00

30 hour package 1.75 ATA $160.00 per hour $4,800.00

40 hour package 1.5 ATA $130.00 per hour $5,200.00

40 hour package 1.75 ATA $150.00 per hour $6,000.00

Friend/Spouse/Relative as guest with Patient 33% of Patient Rate per Session

For 100% tank oxygen, please add $15 per hour per person to the above prices
Our Low Level Light treatment is $45 for 30 minutes, or just $30 if added to a Hyperbaric Chamber session. 


Additional hours are available at highest package level purchased. For instance, if you purchase a 20 hour package and later want to add additional hours after your package is utilized, the additional hours will be billed at $150.00 per hour. If you then bought a 40 hour package, all future hours over the 40 hours will be billed at $130.00 per hour. Second person in chamber billed at 50% of applicable rate unless medically required to attend to patient.