Our HBOT Equipment

ATX Hyperbarics uses the Fortis 420, a mono place chamber certified to 3 ATA manufactured in the USA by OxyHealth, LLC. For most treatment protocols, this equipment is supplemented by oxygen concentrators to provide 93-96% pure oxygen for your breathing use inside the chamber.


Should the treatment protocol require it, 100% oxygen via tank bank is available at an extra charge. Care takers can join their patients in the chamber if they need immediate and current supervision. http://www.oxyhealth.com/pdfs/fortius-lowres2007-8.pdf

Additional Equipment

In addition to our HBOT chambers, we offer Low Level Light Therapy treatments to supplement your HBOT session. These can operate simultaneously inside the chamber for dual health benefits.

Our ECP Equipment

Our clinic utilizes the latest state of the art External Counter Pulsation technology in the market produced by Renew Group, the Renew® NCP-5.