The Pressure Is Good For You

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Our team is the #1 “Biohacker” hyperbaric chamber distributor for OxyHealth, the leading manufacturer in the USA for home use hyperbaric chambers.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Eleanor Piel Womack, MD, has treated well over a thousand patients at our Austin area mid-pressure clinics, ATX Hyperbarics, the largest in Texas. We have over 100 physicians nationwide referring in to our clinics.

If you are interested in a hard sided steel chamber for you and your family’s health and longevity needs, we provide a complete package including sales, installation and training on the Fortius 420 and the Fortius 420 EXP. The EXP unit will break down and fit through standard residential doors for assembly and installation.

Contact Clay Womack at 310.994.1744 or [email protected] for more information.

In addition, we offer a two (2) week in-residence intensive “Brain Camp” through the Scientific Longevity Institute in Austin.  This advanced cognitive enhancement program will prepare your body and mind to receive the most amount of benefit from your new chamber. SLI Brain Camp patients will receive a 5% discount on their chamber investment.

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